NewsInner Ghosts - Free Track News, 20/11/2021 à 11:03 | comments (0) | reads (299)
This is "Inner Ghosts", released the 20th of november 2021, download this track for free on

Also available on facebook, soundcloud, and youtube.

NewsComptine - Free Track News, 14/03/2020 à 11:53 | comments (0) | reads (1240)
This is "Comptine", released the 14th of march 2020, download this track for free on

Also available on soundcloud, and youtube.

NewsDo It Yourself (2020 Rework) - Free Track News, 29/01/2020 à 01:15 | comments (0) | reads (1528)
My last release was "Do It Yourself" in 2015 on Enjoy This Trip Recordings. Some of you asked me when i'll make music again. To be honest i've been very busy the lasts few years and lack of time to devote to creating music (and improve my english obviously ).

But here it is, a fresh rework of do it youself that you can download for free on the "free tracks" page.

I hope you'll enjoy the track and share it to your friends

Available on:
- Youtube:
- Facebook:
- Soundcloud:

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NewsPoing Mort - Short Movie News, 23/02/2014 à 21:37 | comments (0) | reads (3591)
Comme vous avez pu le constater sur facebook j'ai récemment composé 2 pistes "Scar Tissue" et "Caught In Wire" pour le court métrage "Poing Mort" réalisé par Sara Recoules et produit par MidiCiné, en collaboration avec Mind Production et Prod'Art Video. Celui-ci est maintenant disponible librement au visionnage sur youtube. Si vous appréciez n'hésitez pas à partager, liker et faire tourner la page

SYNOPSIS : Suite au décès de sa mère, le jeune Matteo se retrouve seul. Il se consacre alors à sa passion : la boxe. Un jour, il apprend que Vasco Riani, ancienne gloire de la boxe, vient de signer dans son club de boxe. Matteo essaie alors de créer un lien entre lui et son nouvel entraîneur. En effet, Vasco ne lui est pas inconnu et sa rencontre va faire resurgir de vieux souvenirs. Entre haine, incompréhension, déchirement et douleur, Matteo n'en a pas fini avec son passé.

I recently created 2 tracks for the short movie "Poing Mort" titled "Scar Tissue" and "Caught In Wire". The short movie is now available on youtube in french. You can listen to the track on soundcloud and pretty soon download it on my website as free giveaway. Like it? Share it!?

NewsIce Upon Fire - Hypnotic Katie News, 06/01/2014 à 21:09 | comments (0) | reads (3519)
Hey hey hey the next release of Ice Upon Fire "Hypnotic Katie" reached the promo pool last night and well be available for download the 27th january 2014.

First release from E.T.T. Recordings in 2014 comes from Ice Upon Fire who follows up his massive hit single release "Hypnotic Disorder" with a brand new track called "Hypnotic Katie" ! This tune showcases Ice Upon Fire's melodic, uplifting side, a pumping, energetic affair with an infectious lead riff over a tough bassline and percussion.

Beside an original mix this release contains also two awesome remix from Daeron and Transport Remix.

Original Mix:

Daeron Remix:

Transport Remix:
NewsHypnotic Disorder News, 06/06/2013 à 21:59 | comments (0) | reads (2898)
Hello world !

I'm back on production stuff, here is "Hypnotic Disorder" ready to be released on ETT Recordings with a very nice remix of Gary Afterlife.

"We warmly welcome our new talented artist on our label. Ice Upon Fire delivers a pure uplifter to E.T.T. Recordings. Already known with his releases on quality label as Silent Shore Recordings or Diverted Music, he's probably seen his tracks supported by many big DJs.

The original mix of "Hypnotic Disorder" is a purely uplifting piece with nice synths and refined beats. It is driven by hard bass but carried with warm, melodic feel.

Along side the original mix, we also have an austrialian producer who delivers a beautiful remix. With his unique style, Gary Afterlife comes with a blend of deep progressive and harmonious Balearic styles. A superb reimagining that is simply unmissable !"

Hypnotic Disorder (Original Mix)

Hypnotic Disorder (Gary Afterlife Remix)
NewsFree track: Till The Last Breath (Heaven's Gate Original Mix) News, 20/04/2013 à 12:02 | comments (0) | reads (1720)
Hello world !

Today i decied to post a new free track, so "Till The Last Breath (Heaven's Gate Original Mix)" is now available to download for free at

Love it? Share it !

NewsFREEgiveaway: Ice Upon Fire - Still alive 21/12 (Original Mix) News, 21/12/2012 à 00:30 | comments (0) | reads (2098)
Hello world !

Here is a track i dont want to sign on a label. So when my fan page will heads up to 600 followers i will upload it as a free giveaway on

Edit 27/12/2012: Yea you are now 600 followers on the ice upon fire's facebook page ! So as i promised here is the free download Ice Upon Fire - Still alive 21/12 (Original Mix)

Have a happy "end of the world" see you soon

NewsIce Upon Fire - 500 (Original Mix) - Free Download News, 16/09/2012 à 08:50 | comments (0) | reads (1840)
Hello world !

We modestly reached 500 followers on facebook so in order to thank you all here it is a free track giveaway: 500.

Fell free to download, share the link, play it:

!! Ice Upon Fire - 500 (Original Mix) !!

NewsHappy new year !!!! News, 09/01/2012 à 22:36 | comments (0) | reads (2011)
Hi all !

I would like to wish you an happy new year and all the best for 2012. Lots of good news coming up so i recorded a video to present you a new remix i'm working on for diverted music. This one is almost done but not yet so i hope you'll gonna like it =)

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